Support Mia in the Worlds Greatest Shave

The Lions Mia Njirich said, “Three years ago i made a pact that I would shave my head in the upcoming years. Holding that promise a few weeks ago I had a thought that now was the time to do it.
As bad as this sounds, like many others i’ve lost and watched love ones suffer and pass from cancer, and so I thought instead of just doing it for the sake of doing it, let’s do it for a cause. Thats why i hose to do the worlds greatest shave. Not giving myself long to prepare next sunday i’ll be shaving my head. So far i’ve raised just under $500 and I would love to oncoming support until the day of the shave. every dollar counts and I hope you can spare a few dollars to support the Luekaemia Foundation. To donate please follow the link below. every dollar counts and I greatly appreciate everyone who has already donated. Thank you.”


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