Support Mia in the Worlds Greatest Shave

The Lions Mia Njirich said, “Three years ago i made a pact that I would shave my head in the upcoming years. Holding that promise a few weeks ago I had a thought that now was the time to do it.
As bad as this sounds, like many others i’ve lost and watched love ones suffer and pass from cancer, and so I thought instead of just doing it for the sake of doing it, let’s do it for a cause. Thats why i hose to do the worlds greatest shave. Not giving myself long to prepare next sunday i’ll be shaving my head. So far i’ve raised just under $500 and I would love to oncoming support until the day of the shave. every dollar counts and I hope you can spare a few dollars to support the Luekaemia Foundation. To donate please follow the link below. every dollar counts and I greatly appreciate everyone who has already donated. Thank you.”

West Ham open the Dylan Tombides Learning Centre

Stirlings Lions SC youngster and West Ham FC super star Dylan Tombides continues to make global head lines.

On what would have been his 25th Birthday West Ham FC have opened the Dylan Tombides Learning Centre in memory of a young man whose personality, talent and bravery embodied the Academy of Football, and whose legacy continues to shine to this day. The Stirlings Lions congratulate the Tombides family on this latest recognition.

On Saturday 23 March 2019 the Stirling Lion SC will host Perth SC at Macedonia Park in the annual DT38 Derby (kick off at 3pm). We encourage all a players, parents, supporters and lovers of the game to attend the significant event and help raise the awareness for early detection of Testicular Cancer in young men.