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Alongside new Technical Director, Cameron Aitchison, the new and exciting junior NPL coaching team are striving to set new standards for junior player development here in WA.

Are you keen to develop to the best of your ability? Do you like to be challenged to continually improve?? Would you like to feel part of a club not just a team??

Stirling Lions invites all eligible players (born 2003 – 2007) to attend upcoming trials for the NPL 2019 season. All players must lodge an EOI prior to 11 OCTOBER.

If you have any question, please contact Stirling Lions at slsc@stirlinglions.com.au


U12s (2007)
14/10/18- 8:00am
16/10/18- 4:00pm
21/10/18- 8:00am

U13s (2006)
14/10/18- 8:00am
16/10/18- 4:00pm
21/10/18- 8:00am

U14s (2005)
14/10/18- 9:30am
16/10/18- 5:30pm
21/10/18- 9:30am

U15s (2004)
14/10/18- 9:30am
16/10/18- 5:30pm
21/10/18- 9:30am

U16s (2003)
14/10/18- 11:00am
16/10/18- 6:45pm
21/10/18- 11:00am

**all players to trial at own age group unless advised differently by coaching staff**

To register for the trial please complete the following


Following the appointment of new Technical Director Cameron Aitchison, I wish to announce the Junior NPL Coaches for 2019 Season.

U16s coach – Rhydeen Botha (Deeni)
U15s coach – Zack Morgan
U14s coach – Gary Mills
U13s coah – Seb Jay
U12s coach – Ryan Banks
NPL junior Strength & Conditioning Coach – James Collins

The above coaches will be assisted by Riaz Kelly, Celestino Iannantuoni and Harrison Gray.

Stirling Lions have set an excellent foundations from the last three years. We will build on this and now with the new coaching line up, we are looking to create the right environment for our junior footballers to flourish and reach their full potential.

If you have any question about NPL coaches, please contact Cameron Aitchison via clubs email slsc@stirlinglions.

Congratulations and good luck to Cameron and his team.